Marketing to seniors requires a different approach than marketing to other demographics. The best real estate marketing to seniors requires a tailored approach that takes into account the preferences and needs of seniors in transition.

Seniors value personal connections and are more likely to do business with people they know and trust. The best way to market to seniors is to build that trust, and an easy way to establish trust is to be generous with helpful information and resources. That’s why we’re big believers in content marketing for seniors and downsizers. Social media is an ideal method of sharing relevant and helpful content to prospective clients.

Seniors and downsizers enjoy longer-form content that helps them research their options.

Use content-heavy social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for senior real estate marketing.

Post content that resonates with older people.

The most relevant and valuable content to share with seniors includes tips for downsizing, maintaining a home as they age, and how to stage their homes for sale. Use images and videos to make your content more engaging, but keep images simple and easy to follow.

Leverage customer testimonials.

Encourage your senior clients to share their positive experiences working with you on social media, and use these testimonials to build social proof and attract new clients for your senior real estate business.

Seniors respond well to emotional appeals that evoke feelings of nostalgia, comfort, and security.

Use storytelling and imagery that is relatable to seniors to make a connection and build trust. Links to relevant, helpful articles keep older people engaged and interested in following you.

Highlight the benefits and outcomes of your real estate services for seniors and downsizers.

 Seniors are focused on outcomes and want to know how your expertise can benefit them. Explain your personal approach to senior real estate and downsizing, and explain how you can facilitate a smooth home transition. For example, let your followers know that you have relationships in place to help your clients downsize and move before they sell their home.

Be authentic.

Seniors value authenticity and honesty. Be sure to present yourself as a trustworthy and knowledgeable real estate agent who is genuinely interested in helping seniors find the right home.

Social media can be a valuable tool for real estate agents selling to seniors, empty nesters, and over-50 people.

By posting content that resonates and highlights your expertise, you can  engage with potential clients and build your business as a senior-focused real estate agent.

Credentials for Senior-Designated Realtors

As a senior-focused real estate pro, you’ll be able to anticipate the financial and emotional challenges that seniors may face during the real estate transaction process. You’ll also be sensitive to the specific needs of seniors and downsizers, including sensitivity to the fact that a senior home transition often represents a turning point in which people need to let go of long-term homes and possessions that hold sentimental value.

SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist)

If you are a member of National Association of Realtors (NAR), you may want to obtain the SRES designation to demonstrate that you are focused on serving the needs of empty nesters, seniors and downsizers.

CSHP (Certified Senior Housing Professional)

Senior-focused real estate pros who want more in-depth training and a highly respected credential may choose to pursue the Certified Senior Housing Professional™ (CSHP) designation that is offered by the Seniors Real Estate Institute. CSHP designees complete advanced training, develop strategic resources, and create the business capacity needed to wrap qualified downsizing services and moving support into their real estate practices.

The Downsizing Institute

Another popular resource for entrepreneurial senior real estate pros is The Downsizing Institute, which offers comprehensive business training for entrepreneurs who want to start their own downsizing businesses.  Classes include in-depth instructions on how to help seniors downsize and how to create your own business around the downsizing process.

Build Your Network

When you’re marketing to downsizers as a senior-focused realtor, you’ll need to build a strong local network of related services and professionals, such as: